Analyzing a Digital Story

So before starting this class I had no idea what a digital story was. I was seeing them without knowing that that is what I was looking at. A digital story is a short form of digital media production that everyday people used to share aspects of their life story. The way I look at it in more of modern times it is our Vine or Instagram short videos. In order to analyze a digital story first you need to find a video to analyze. In order to find a video I researched what made a digital story. I found that there are seven elements of digital storytelling:

1. Point of view or point of the story, which helped me with my thesis

2. Dramatic question, something that captures the audience

3. Emotion, feelings, memories

4. Voice

5. Soundtrack, the music of it all

6. Compact, brief, fast-moving

7. Pacing, rhythm, tempo, interest

If I could answer all of these questions meaning if the video had all of these elements then that was my video. So know that I have found my video now I have to analyze what I see. In my particular video I have had to do some background research to further analyze the story. I ask myself questions like who are the characters in this story?  Who are they talking to? Is it emotional or logical? Overall what is the point?

There are plenty of other questions to ask but if you keep an outline of the ideas you have then there will be no problem keeping it all together.  Sometimes you just have to write and then go back and smooth things out. Oh and make sure you cite, cite, cite.

This is defiantly a different form of writing for me but I worked it out.


Let Me Tell You A Story

Our assignment this week in class was to say a story that our families tell all the time, well, that really got me to thinking. What is a story and where do they come from?

I have a small child who loves for me to read her stories. It doesn’t matter if it is at night or midday. You can tell that her little mind just wanders off into story land as I am reading whatever is the book of the hour. When I am finished a lot of the times she wants it read again. Her imagination just runs wild with all the ideas and discoveries in the book and I think that is why stories are so important to us even as adults. I believe storytelling opens up a different world of possibilities and hope. Even when we listen to the stories our families tell over and over depending on who is telling the story, it gets bigger and bigger. The guy who you beat up was ten times your size, the fish you caught was so big it was pulling the boat, or you were so nervous that you were literally shaking in your boots. These things might not be all the way true but to you at that time it was the most accurate portrayal of the current events. These stories are important because for the most part they show triumph and courage. We love reading books that have a good hero or some good drama because someone always comes out on top. I feel like stories give us a sense of purpose in our everyday sometimes mundane lives. Everyone needs a little excitement in their lives and hence the story.

Happy storytelling