The Complex Woes Of English Class

Well when I first started this class I thought I had it because I actually like to write, but when we started to got down to it I realize I suck at certain writing LOL. I have come to realize I am just NOT an analytical writer. It is to hard for me to remove myself from what I am writing and just write. One of the biggest things that has helped me is my mother. Without her being my sound board I really think that I wouldn’t be able to get through this.

I definatly can tell the difference in my writing from the first paper to the second, and i can’t wait to start on the third cause it will be my opinion. I’m good at that. I think that doing the contexual analysis  was much easier to write about because it was more then 2-5 minutes  of a video. I like the conferences that we have with Dr. Harris even though she doesn’t directly answer your questions LOL. I know she does that cause she wants us to think for ourselves which is good cause that is actually a life lesson.

All in all I think that everyone is learning and growng in our writing, atleast I hope we all are. One thing I wish was a little different would be that everyone is so quiet. I know there are some good ideas or thoughts in our class LET THEM BE HEARD!

Till next time.