My Digital Story

First off I would like to say I am so terrified of this assignment, I really don’t think I am as creative as our teacher thinks I am.

Now in saying that my digital story will be on the struggle of a parent going back to school. I hope to reach an audience of those who have ever had to make a tough decision in there life. I hope to inspire my audience to press through and reach your end goal. I think I am going to either do a semi slide show or a short video.  I think I am leaning more towards a slide show. I am really lost on which song or songs I am going to use, but I hope to learn a lot from the media guy in class tomorrow. Times like these I wish I stuck to my computer graphic degree I was pursuing way back when.

I guess the video has to be three minutes and since we just got done doing a presentation that my specific group had two minutes each to present, a three minute video might a little easier than talking.  I don’t plan to use my voice I just plan to use the pics as a flow of the storyline. Well we shall see has this goes. Good luck to everyone!


Analyzing a Digital Story

So before starting this class I had no idea what a digital story was. I was seeing them without knowing that that is what I was looking at. A digital story is a short form of digital media production that everyday people used to share aspects of their life story. The way I look at it in more of modern times it is our Vine or Instagram short videos. In order to analyze a digital story first you need to find a video to analyze. In order to find a video I researched what made a digital story. I found that there are seven elements of digital storytelling:

1. Point of view or point of the story, which helped me with my thesis

2. Dramatic question, something that captures the audience

3. Emotion, feelings, memories

4. Voice

5. Soundtrack, the music of it all

6. Compact, brief, fast-moving

7. Pacing, rhythm, tempo, interest

If I could answer all of these questions meaning if the video had all of these elements then that was my video. So know that I have found my video now I have to analyze what I see. In my particular video I have had to do some background research to further analyze the story. I ask myself questions like who are the characters in this story?  Who are they talking to? Is it emotional or logical? Overall what is the point?

There are plenty of other questions to ask but if you keep an outline of the ideas you have then there will be no problem keeping it all together.  Sometimes you just have to write and then go back and smooth things out. Oh and make sure you cite, cite, cite.

This is defiantly a different form of writing for me but I worked it out.